by | Dec 5, 2018

There’s been a downfall in the use of travel agencies in Norway the past 15 years. Unfortunately, there are not many left. It is sad, but the reason for this may be due to the lack of understanding changing consumer behaviour. Internet managed to do that. Most people going travelling in 2019 is their own travel agency, however, the internet boasts of opportunities. Maybe it’s too much for potential travellers to handle? What are you going to choose and why?

If we’re going to continue to plan people’s dream travel and inspire the uninspired to travel outside their comfort zone, it is important that we develop into the path of “travel and inspiration platform”. We want to be the place where people seek travel inspiration and travel tips, but also be the place where our customers are well taken care of regardless of any situation they may experience throughout their journey. We’re starting fresh.

Back to the basics, if you like. The joys of travel, curiosity, individuality and sustainable travel is at the forefront. If we want to develop alongside today’s travellers, it is important to try and unite the travel industry as much as we possibly can. I believe it’s a mistake that organisations within the travel industry is distanced, therefore, we’ve teamed up with some amazing travel bloggers who also believe it’s important that all parts of the travel industry stand together – because we are stronger together.

We are currently developing a blog platform where our bloggers can do what they love: write about their experiences and give others the inspiration to travel and experience new things. Together we will bring back the joy, curiosity and individuality by travelling to new destinations, try new and exciting food and opening your mind to more cultures, thoughts and values. Our bloggers are the source of inspiration for those who want to explore – where they share their experiences, good and bad, give travel tips and in general share their love for travelling. We aim to be an online travel and inspiration magazine where our bloggers and their experiences are at the forefront. As well as being the source of inspiration, they will discuss important topics within the travel industry as we think it is right and important that someone asks those critical questions by the challenges facing our loved industry. We believe it’s important that today’s travellers are updated on the changes and challenges within the travel and tourism industry, for example the current issue with plastic waste and what we can do to better the situation.
Our bloggers, guest writers and travel planners will showcase that travel is about exploring the unknown, learn about new history and new cultures, learn and get to know people with a different set of values so you can grow as a person and accept that we are indeed different but part of the same, beautiful world.


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