The Pearl of the Orient Seas

Where are you supposed to start? The Philippines is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Asia, and is often defined by its emerald fields, volcanoes, ghost monkeys and happy people. The Filipino people has a view of life that the rest of us could learn from. Singing, dancing and just pure joy is at the centre of their being.

Manila – The soulful city
You will L.O.V.E Manila if you like big cities. It’s not without reason Manila is called ‘The Pearl of the Orient’. You can experience colonial sights like Casa Manila and Fort Santiago or get a taste of how the city has flourished to an independent Philippines at the Museum of the Filipino. Go watch international music performances at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Hall or dance all night to Filipino rhythms on Revel or Valkyrie. Modern Manila is a mix of great colonial churches, galleries, museums and night life that united creates a wonderful holiday destination.
Top two reasons to visit Manila

Spectacular Architecture

Manila was the capital of the Spanish Philippines for centuries and became one of the richest cities in the empire. Today you can explore the rich heritage by reconstructed colonial homes like Casa Manila, the forts in Fort Santiago and over-the-top palaces like Malacanang.

Amazing Filipino food

When you are in the Philippines you just have to try Lumpia and Adobo at Café Juanita! And obviously a Mango Float.
Cebu – The natural beauty with character
From the sophisticated style of the city to the unspoiled white beaches, it’s not difficult to understand why Cebu is such a popular destination. It’s a place that combines history with a glamorous feel and a nightlife in a lush natural environment. You may be surprised by the Latin flavour you will meet in some parts of the city, but with Spanish colonization, Cebu was an early outlet for trade between the Philippines and Mexico. Put all those ingredients together and Cebu boasts of rich environment, culture and food you can indulge in!
Top two reasons to visit Cebu

Enjoy the sea breeze

Make the most of Cebu Island by enjoying it from the ocean, including the white beach on Larawan Beach in nearby Talisay City and Marigondon Beach on Mactan Island. Along with the relaxing beach life you can dive to explore the coral reefs and enjoy the best fishing spots in Asia.

Explore its fascinating history

Cebu is Philippine’s oldest city, and you will find an abundance of attractions that pulls you close to its history. Magellan’s Cross was originally planted in downtown Cebu in 1521, and you can stroll down Colon Street which is the oldest street in all of Philippines.
Mindoro – The dream destination to all travellers
Luxuriously located between Luzon and Palawan is Mindoro. Most of the activities for travellers take place in the North-eastern part of the Island where there are great opportunities for scuba diving, beach bars and a range of exclusive and relaxing accommodation. If you move more towards inland Mindoro, you will find Mount Halcon and Mount Baco which is perfect for keen hikers! Mindoro is also the home of the rare Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo. Ask one of the locals where you can spot them.
Top two attractions in Mindoro

Tukuran Hanging Bridge

If you’ve ever seen an adventure film where pioneers go deep into the jungle just to meet a river that must be crossed via a handmade hanging bridge – that’s how this bridge looks like. This bridge may seem a bit scary to some, but for others, this bridge represents everything that is wild and free in the Philippines. Each step will give you a slight turn back and forth, especially if other explorers cross at the same time. Nearby you will find cabins in the low tide where you can rest and dip your toes

Apo Reef Natural Park

The largest coral reef in the Philippines is located off the coast of Mindoro. The coral reef of 34 sqm is protected by the government, which means no large ships come in and damage the coral reef nor interfere with wildlife. This makes the Apo Reef a spectacular place to snorkel. You will see the richest collection of wildlife that you may not see elsewhere, including Giant Napoleon Wrasse fish. Just watch out for the Trigger Fish who likes to chase you away from their nests.
The climate in the Philippines is tropical with high humidity and temperatures of around 27 degrees throughout the year. In the highlands it is not quite as hot and humid. The climate can be divided into drying times from January to June and rainy season from July to December. The weather is most comfortable at the beginning of the drying season and it gets warmer after March. This is also the time when there is the least risk of being exposed to a typhoon.
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