A living postcard, a paradise which feels like a fantasy
Indonesia can easily be described in one word: pure perfection. Indonesia can offer something for everyone, whether it’s the beach life screaming your name, the locals who can teach you about the country’s rich culture or the adrenaline that forces you to step out of your comfort zone.”
The place where everything is harmonious
Bali is heaven for those who look for the perfect blend of calm and chaos. It is the place where great shopping meets yoga, and where religions, languages and food collide in a harmonious way.
Top two reasons to visit Bali

Visit Lapangan Puputan Margarana

Majestic and mesmerizing, Lapanan Puputan Margarana’s main attraction, in addition to many opportunities for outdoor sports, is Bajra Sandhi Monument. The monument serves the purpose of transforming the soul and spirit of the Balinese people, as well as to safeguard and develop the culture of Bali.

Enjoy the historical architecture

From temples and monasteries to royal palaces, Bali’s buildings and places of worship have a beautiful mix of eastern carvings, ornate and intricate designs. We recommend visiting the Palace of Satria and Royal Temples.
Indonesia’s untouched beauty
Wild monkeys, rolling hills, high mountains and beautiful rice fields make up Ubud’s landscape. Look at it once and be captivated by the unspoiled beauty of this place. The locals in Ubud love to showcase the place they live in, so do not worry about starting the conversation! When you first arrive in Ubud you will never want to leave it, we promise.
Top two reasons to visit Ubud

The magical landscape

There’s not many places left in the world that feels completely untouched, but Ubud is one of those places. The landscape and scenery are something you’ve never seen before and we dare to believe you will never see such beauty again.

Indulge in Indonesian cuisine

Indonesian food is full of flavour, spices and much more. This part of the world really knows how to cook up a decent meal, and Ubud’s local kitchen – with a focus on noodles, rice, meat and veggies – are a statement that this is true!
Indonesia is a unique destination with amounts of history and culture, but religion and rituals is at the center of the country. The villages in Indonesia is not like your normal villages, and this is where you will experience the real Balinese way of living. The locals are warm and welcoming, and after meeting them once you’ll want to stay with them forever. We recommend visiting Blimbingsari and Bandung for the ultimate Village experience.
The colossal island kingdom of Indonesia is pure cornucopia of exciting nature, with rainforests, coral reefs, active volcanoes and a unique wildlife. Indonesia stretches across the equator and the climate is typically equatorial tropical climate with almost constant temperatures of around 30 degrees, high humidity and some rainfall throughout the year. Between October and April there is a kind of rainy season; that means it rains a little more than other months of the year. In return, it is not too hot but more humid.
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