The land of smiles which never ceases to amaze you
The Kingdom of Thailand is naturally a very popular destination and has been one for many years. The land of smiles is known for its sparkling temples, fascinating architecture and tropical beaches. And obviously the beautiful smiles that meet you on every corner. Exploring Thailand is definitely an experience – from the vibrant Bangkok to jungle trekking in Chiang Mai. It is impossible to get bored when you wander around and explore Thailand.
The mysterious Ko Kret
Ko Kret is an island not far from Bangkok and is perfect for a day trip if you want to escape from the big city. Many call Ko Kret ‘the mysterious island’ and it has managed to hide from tourists that visit Thailand. The island is home to centuries old temples, a great market and a Mon community known for its handmade clay products. The largest temple on the island is Wat Poramaiykawas, and throughout all these years, this is still a pilgrimage place for people from the Mon community across Thailand. This place is the pure definition of unique – and you don’t want to miss it!

Historical River Kwai

River Kwai offers stunning scenery, relaxing villages and historical monuments. We recommend a stay at a floating hotel where you can read a book in the hammock on your private balcony and enjoy a relaxing massage whilst listening to the waves before you head out to explore River Kwai Historical Museum or the huge lava cave. The more adventurous of us can also venture into the river and float past the hotel with a life jacket. There are also great waterfalls and cycling trails in the area!
Explore Bangkok from a tuk tuk
The best – and most adventurous – way to get around in Bangkok is definitely via one of the capital’s many colourful tuk tuk’s. With this hop on – hop off you can visit floating markets, gracious temples and hidden local restaurants whilst absorbing the undeniable charm of this city. We can also recommend visiting unique restaurants from local Thai restaurants’ the tourists usually won’t bother looking at to Japanese gourmet restaurants’, the city’s best steak house and the magic scampi corner.
A long vacation in a New Nordic tourist village
The Asia Specialist is part of New Nordic Group which has built eight resorts in Pratamnak Hill, located 1.5 hours from Bangkok. Here you have employees from all nationalities, a Norwegian bakery with loads of tasty treats and all the services you need for a comfortable stay. Just around the corner you will find 26 golf courses, three water parks, shopping malls and local markets, beautiful islands with turquoise sea, great restaurants from every corner of the world and so much more! We recommend a day trip to the monkey island, sightseeing around the area with a stop at the wooden temple and finishing off with the best meal ever at King Seafood.

Relaxation in the laidback Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is often described as Thailand’s birthplace – and not without reason! Thailand’s tropical climate, relaxing atmosphere, exciting jungle and amazing food and culture clash together. From Chiang Mai you can enjoy a stroll around the city before venturing out to the jungle or attend a yoga course.
Tranquil island life in Koh Samui
Koh Samui has evolved into one of Thailand’s most famous islands, and these are the reasons why; great hotels, even better restaurants, cheap massages and attractions – and the best part? The tourists haven’t completely taken over the place yet. We recommend staying in Lamai, which is a quieter alternative to Chaweng. Be sure to visit Marco’s amazing Italian restaurant.

Koh Tao – the ultimate diving island – is not far away, nor other well-known islands. A boat trip from island to island will be an unforgettable experience, we promise.

Relaxing Chumphon
Do you want to experience Thailand as a real Thai? Chumphon is the place to go! It has managed to stay away from the mass tourism in the country and has this unusual feeling of calmness and charm. You can relax all day on white beaches, local Thai restaurants and the sound of waves. You can find coral reefs just outside the mainland so diving here is definitely a unique experience. In addition, we highly recommend a day trip to Myanmar, which is only 30 minutes away!
Thailand has a typical tropical monsoon climate, where the rain season falls between May and October. It is almost always warm and humid in the southern parts of Thailand whilst the northern parts can get a bit chilly in the summer. Thailand’s tropical climate can be split into three main seasons:

The warmest time is between March and June.
Monsoon season is from July to September
The colder period is between November and February.

Have you found something that tickles your inner traveller? You might want to combine some of the destinations we offer, or you might get inspired to do something completely new. We tailor the holiday of your dreams! Contact us with your thoughts and ideas so our team of travel planners can tailor the itinerary for you!