The country that has it all
Unforgettable experiences are everywhere you go in Vietnam. The capital, Hanoi, has managed to retain its old-fashioned feel despite an economic boost. The old quarter is a revolt of delicious food stalls, markets and labyrinth streets. Ho Chi Minh has a more modern feel, whilst UNESCO-protected Hoi An has retained its charm despite tourists. Vietnam’s natural wonders, from Ha Long Bay to Mekong Delta via the beaches of Da Lang, make it truly magical.
Hoi An – The place you will fall in love with before you’ve arrived
Hoi An is a UNESCO-protected site for a reason, and it has everything from a historical past to a charming and peaceful aesthetic. The Old Town is an outstanding example of Chinese architecture that goes back thousand of years. Whatever brings you to the city – whether it’s world famous clothing stores, delicious foods or lanterned islands – you’re sure to be surprised at what you’ll find in Hoi An. Let the place marvel at its dazzling selection of cultural pleasures.
Top two reasons to visit Hoi An.


Hoi Ans clothing is easily matched by their understanding and talent for leatherwork, ceramics and paint – and this gives the tourists numerous possibilities to be inspired.

Day trips to the mountains

Hoi An is located next to a stunning landscape, including beaches and architectural wonders such as the My Son Sanctuary, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can easily gear up in your hiking equipment and enjoy a trip in and around the mountains.
Hanoi – The perfect get away destination for those who love culture
Hanoi is a dazzling blend of European and Southeast Asia influences, and those who love food, art, religion and history will fall in love with the city right away. No matter where you are in Hanoi it is guaranteed to be close to a lake. With a backdrop of French architecture from colonial times and ancient universities, the city is full of surprises. You will find the country’s most lively cultural events, the best museums and reminders of the political realities in Hanoi – and that’s exactly what makes this place truly unique.
Top two reasons to visit Hanoi

Local ingredients

The locals in Hanoi truly knows how to use their local produce to create food that explodes in your mouth, and you will find something that suits your taste buds. The markets abound of authentic Vietnamese food. We also recommend trying cà phê sữa nóng – Vietnamese coffee. It is a sweet, rich coffee drink with sweetened condensed milk.

Beautiful parks

Most people don’t know that Hanoi has over 100 lakes, and each of the lakes offers a small park where you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity away from the busy city life.
Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam’s economic and cultural power plant
Prepare to be mesmerized by Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s economic and cultural power plant. This is a city full of energy, where past and present collide and where a new experience awaits around every corner. Elegant skyscrapers give way to hundred-year old alleys where you’ll be met by wonderful temples. You can bring out the daredevil in you and join motorbike tours in town or explore Urban Tales Cholon, which is a mix of exploration, original city tour and a treasure hunt!
Top two reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh

The culture

Whether you choose to explore the city’s historic alley or check out the famous night market, you will be enchanted by Vietnamese cultures.

The history

There’s so much history to discover in Ho Chi Minh. We recommend visiting the Vietnam History Museum and War Remnants Museum, as well as exploring the architecture of the French colonial era at the Ho Chi Minh City Municipal Theatre. Many of the city’s most important temples are great historical attractions, such as the Jade Emperor Pagoda from 1909.
Vietnam is blessed with a magnificent shoreline of more than 3400 kilometres and the contrast between the shores and the chaos of Vietnam’s big cities are huge. Most of the coastline consists of almost endless golden beaches. Some of the best beaches are hidden away off the beaten track, in small bays and on islands only accessible by boat or plane. We recommend visiting the following beaches in Vietnam:
Nha Trang
Where the locals maintain traditions
Phan Thiet
Vietnam’s most beautiful beach
The Northern parts of Vietnam, where Hanoi is located, has a subtropical climate with relatively chilly weather in the winter. Especially compared to South Vietnam, where Saigon and Mekong Delta are located. The climate here is tropical with daily temperatures of around 30 degrees. The rain season is from May to October – this is also the time where the Southwest Monsoon sweeps over Vietnam.
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