En helt utrolig jungelopplevelse i Rayong

by | Dec 12, 2018

We travelled to New Nordic Marcus in Pattaya, Pratamnak Hill on November 7th 2018. We’ve now been in Pattaya a few days and was ready to travel out of the city to experience the village and how the local Thai people live and vacate. Our trip started at 9 am local time from New Nordic Marcus with chauffeur, car and our amazing guide Lyn. We travelled through Pattaya and eastbound towards Phu Nang Yong, which takes approximately 1 hour. We sat down at a lovely café and enjoyed a cheeky cup of joe whilst taking in the beautiful area. There are opportunities to camp with a campervan here or rent a cabin for those who want to explore the area a bit more!

We got the impression that there were most local Thai people who visited this area, but for us other ‘tourists’ it would be amazing to experience a couple of days here in such calm surroundings. Walking around this area for about an hour or so was so deliberating! We want to go back already.

After that cheeky cup of joe we continued our journey heading east and arrived at the restaurant Tamnanpha – and oh my! What an amazing restaurant this was. Located in the middle of a jungle area, they served both delicious traditional Thai food as well as European cuisine. You can also get fresh seafood from the area. It doesn’t get better than that! We ordered fried fish, scampi, fish soup with shell fish which was served in a coconut, papaya salad with crabs, a plate with different raw vegetables and fried rice with lots and lots of delicious seafood. Every single dish made this a new experience, and we’ve never been this full or happy. We obviously had to try most of the food here because there is nothing as unique as the traditional Thai kitchen.
After basically eating our own weight in food we had to explore the area around the restaurant a bit more. They have built ponds with and without fountains, and some of the ponds had fish you could feed. There are also small waterfalls that falls between tropical plants and many beautiful palms and trees. You get a real jungle feel here – and it is so relaxing and fresh! We were above average impressed by the toilets as well, even though that may sound a bit weird.

After walking around here for a bit, we continued our travels east to Prasea in Rayong. The sight we saw left us speechless. 2,400 acres with massive mangrove forests. When we arrived, we parked the car and took a tuk tuk down to the river where our next mode of transport was a longtail boat up the river bank and into the mangrove forest. Words cannot describe how we felt when we experienced this.

After approximately 30 minutes with longtail boat, they dropped us off at a small wharf so we could walk through the forest. We then arrived at a built-up plateau where we could take in and enjoy the view of new and young mangrove trees!

Mangrove Trees

For those who do not know, mangroves are trees and shrubs that are adapted to grow in seawater in tropical regions. In other languages, the word “mangrove” is used both for the individual trees and forests they form. Here are some pictures of both young and older trees / bushes.
This trip was unforgettable, both in terms of what we saw and experienced, but also fortunate that we got to know Lyn. We are left with so many nice impressions and experiences after this trip, and we are just looking forward to returning! This is a place you won’t get tired of. This is a place you can experience again and again without losing the feelings you got the first time you saw it.
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