The Asia Specialist offers individual and safe travels filled with memories to last a lifetime across all of Southeast Asia. We have been following the travel and tourism industry closely the past years and we believe that people’s travel habits have changed to the unrecognizable, from charter trips with transportation from the airport and information meetings about whether you can drink tap water – to a wish of more individual and authentic travels. Regardless of the noticeable changes, the travel and tourism industry have been standing still until today.

Therefore, in 2019 we are launching the new Asia Specialist where we want to challenge today’s travel and tourism industry by focusing on the curiosity, joys of travel and individuality showcased by today’s travellers. The Asia Specialist is not your regular tour operator, we are a travel and inspiration platform where our team of bloggers, travel lovers and travel planners work together to give you travel tips – but most importantly: travel inspiration, good and safe journeys where you move out of your comfort zone, and a platform where we share our experiences, good and bad, and passion for collecting memories and experiences from other cultures. The Asia Specialist is a part of New Nordic Group which focuses on investments, property development, hotels and restaurants, project development and tour operators in all of Southeast Asia. New Nordic Group’s headquarters are based in Hong Kong.



To travel is about those good experiences, and to collect memories that one can take along long after one has returned home. Our team wants to give you unique and exciting impressions which are a bit out of the ordinary.


You and your expectations of a fabulous vacation is the centerpiece of our travel and inspiration platform. Our team will always work closely with you in order to get insight into what you want to experience on your next vacation, and we believe this also helps create a good vacation and a safe frame.


We can’t always be price competitive, but our team’s knowledge and membership in the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund will always secure you and your family regardless of situations you may experience on your vacation. Our New Nordic team across Southeast Asia is also your team. We will work close with our local and international staff at all locations to make sure that you get a unique taste of the destinations you visit, whilst in the same time ensure that you receive professionalism, basic standards and security that you seek on your travel. They will also be on stand-by to support you if you would require any special assistance.


We believe that a prerequisite for visiting other countries and cultures is that one leaves the place one visit in equal or better condition that when one came into the area. We are therefore working closely with our destinations to ensure that hotels and experiences we recommend are both ethical and environmentally friendly.



With background in African studies, building homes for orphans and nursing, Lene has ventured her way into the tourism industry. She ensures that our strategies and future plans are being implemented, which can be challenging when we want to pave our way as a travel agency for future travellers. She’s comfortable in a mud house in one of Zimbabwe’s many villages but may be placed in a hotel if it’s necessary.



Solveig is above average nice to everyone she meets – also people from the west coast in Norway and the Swedes! She was headhunted to Asiaspesialisten after over 20 years in SAS and several other travel agencies. Her mother tongue is the technical language of Amadeus ticket system, but she can resort to Norwegian and English when needed!



Marianne has been in the tourism industry longer than most of us with experiences from pretty much everything. She makes sure everything is alright and perfectly organised. When Marianne is cleaning up and organising we all must take care of our things! She is also extremely good at reusing paper. Alongside Solveig, her mother tongue is Amadeus.



Linda is a true artist who juggles between work and family life. Billing and travel regulations is something she has complete control and we’ve never seen anything like it. She’s an energy bomb, someone who spreads joy and is not afraid to get her hands dirty when needed.



Silje can boast a master’s degree in Tourism and Events Management from exotic Wales. After six months stranded on a cruise ship, she decided it was time to leave sea sickness and wobbly legs behind. She came floating cross the fjords and has now settled in Norway’s finest city.




Rong started his journey in Faculty of Political Science, but slowly understood that travel and tourism is his true calling. He’s managed everything from transport to tourism products, which has given him some great knowledge we couldn’t be without! He loves travelling to new places and explore the unknown, but the best part is meeting new people. He is the most people-friendly of them all!



Panya, like the rest of us, loves to travel and experience new places. Preferably places where he can watch football – his great passion! His background is chef and IT-support from Norway, but quickly realised that the tourism industry was a lot more interesting. He moved from Norway to Thailand in 2011 to showcase the country and can happily say that he’s travelled Thailand from North to South. He is the person to go to if you want tips for cafés and restaurants where everything is locally produced!



Lyn has tried everything in the books, from being a nanny to massage therapist and now she has ventured into the tourism industry, thankfully. She is always happy and loves to make her colleagues feel appreciated. Her biggest dream is to travel the world and eat less meat. Working for New Nordic Group is by far her proudest accomplishment to date!