Chiang Mai Night Market
Destinasjon: Chiang Mai
Here you will find a large number of street stalls offering Thai food, fruit, juices and shakes. We recommend trying a new Thai snack, eating a pizza or enjoying a coffee to see people walking past on one of the many street sheds.
Thamsing Coffee
Destinasjon: Chumphon
This is the best place to sit and enjoy a tasty iced coffee whilst gazing across the sea and surrounding islands as it’s located on top of Khao Matsee Viewpoint! It is definitely something you do not want to miss, we promise.
Bophut Fresh Market
Destinasjon: Koh Samui
This is one of the newest and cleanest markets in Koh Samui. It got an impressive selection of meat, sea food, fruit, groceries and other products and services. The market is located in the beautiful village of Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village, which is as charming as the people who live there! We can guarantee an authentic experience with locals who love for you to sample the local produce!
Kaan Show
Destinasjon: Pattaya
This is a brand-new type of action and cinema, stage performance and world-class technology, where you are invited into a fantasy world inspired by classical Thai literature. You can drift into sweet dreams of ancient history whilst enjoying this great stage performance.
Siam Niramit
Destinasjon: Phuket
This is a first class show showcasing Thai airt and cultural heritage. This must-see show has over 100 performers, lavish costumes and impressive set design. Special effects and world’s most advanced technology are used to produce a realistic, stimulating and inspiring experience.
Wua Art Gallery & Studio
Destinasjon: Phuket
This little gallery is a bit off the beaten track and is usually not considered a gallery worth the visit, but we highly recommend it! Mr. Zen is enlisted by all the great works of art that has its home here, but what not many know is that the artist, his wife and his daughter lives here too. One of Mr. Zen’s main intentions is to inspire others by using as few details as possible in his art to allow them to be open to interpretation.
Otres Market
Destinasjon: Sihanoukville
The Otres Market is located in the village’s estuary, this wooden shack, also called ‘the barn’, becomes a live music venue every Saturday in the high season. Here, food and craft stalls are set up while DJs and bands take to the stage from around 8 pm.
Night life
Destinasjon: Sihanoukville
The night life in Sihanoukville is one of the most vibrant throughout Cambodia with great music, great atmosphere and a wide variety of drinks. One of the most popular areas is Ekareach Street in the city centre. We recommend visiting Weather Station Hill, which has a good mix of both budget-friendly sports and music bars that provide a good, warm and welcoming feeling.
The Escape Room
Destinasjon: Sihanoukville
The Escape Room, Sihanoukville
This is not an unknown concept and has grown to be one of the biggest physical adventure games in the world the past year or so. In this game you will have to solve several puzzles with clues, hints and strategy to complete the set goals. You get a time limit to uncover the secret plot that is hidden in the rooms. This is nerve-wrecking, exciting and amazing fun!

Ubud Market

Destinasjon: Bali
The sellers at Ubud market will definitely increase the price with x amount of percentage only because they know you are a tourist and they expect you to haggle! Low prices and good quality aside, the best part of the market is the amazing atmosphere. It is one of those markets you have seen in travel documentaries, but never had the chance to visit. The market is full of traditional flavour, especially when you visit the smaller alleyways and lowers floors – don’t just walk in the main street!
Alley of Art, Legian Street
Destinasjon: Bali
Legian Street sells virtually everything under the sun, but this quiet, narrow alley should definitely steal your attention. It’s almost like going into an art museum! The art on sale ranges from portraits of people to landscapes and animals. If art isn’t your thing, that alright too. In Legian Street you can find decorative items such as dream catchers, souvenirs and tattoo parlours!
Destinasjon: Bali
This is one of Bali’s mega clubs, and you should not miss it if you like going out. It has been voted the best place to go out in Bali and houses eight pubs and clubs – which means there’s something for everyone. Of course, if you need a breather, you can always go to the roof top for some fresh air.


Destinasjon: Manila
Also called “The mother of all markets”. This is a great playground for bargaining, and things here are cheaper than downtown. If you explore the market it will lead you to a tower of goods, including clothes, school supplies, kitchen utensils and so much more!

Manila Chinatown

Destinasjon: Manila
This is the oldest Chinatown in the world! Although the place was originally developed for Chinese immigrants to the Philippines, it has become one of the most visited communities for the busy shopping streets of Escolta, and to be the center of authentic Chinese food such as Peking duck, dumplings and other delicacies.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Destinasjon: Hanoi
Water Puppet Theatre is a tradition dating back to the 11th century and is performed in a mid-deep pool. The dolls are made of wood and often weigh up to 15 kilos. Around eight puppet shows and a traditional Vietnamese orchestra that provides the background music will surprise you in many ways.

Cafés, cafés and more cafés!

Destinasjon: Hanoi
We need to talk about Vietnamese coffee for a second. It is a major part of Vietnamese culture and has become a world-famous ‘phenomenon’. We recommend that you take a breath, order a coffee and watch the vibrant Hanoi continue the day while enjoying the tranquillity of Café Pho Co. Lately, the Vietnamese have developed Vietnamese coffee from being normal black coffee with condensed milk to egg coffee, yoghurt coffee and coconut coffee. We definitely want to try all of them!
Retro Game Nights
Destinasjon: Hanoi
Yes, you heard us! It’s not a specific attraction, but it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Around Hoan Kiem Lake every weekend, locals get together to play games drawn on the asphalt. It is not uncommon that locals invite the tourists passing by the lake to participate, and we believe this is a great way to make friends across cultures and maybe get a tip or two on what to do next.
Lune Production
Destinasjon: Hoi An
Lune Production is known for setting up world class dance and musical performances. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch a show at their new centre. The Mist, Lune’s first show in Hoi An is a beautiful, riveting hour-long show that’s as Vietnamese as it can be. From mesmerizing scenes of village life to captivating ballets, you will not be able to take your eyes off the stage!


Destinasjon: Ho Chi Minh
Soulful portraits of John Lennon, Jim Morrison and James Brown are just a few artists featured at Yoko. The environment includes exposed t-beams and concrete floor whilst the music is everything from funk rock to metal. You don’t want to miss this!

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