Destination: Koh Samui
Bophut is two places: The Buphut beach which stretches kilometres between Big Buddha and Maenam beach, and probably one of the oldest places on the Samui Island, the ever so charming Fisherman’s Village. Fisherman’s Village has quickly gained a reputation that stretches far beyond Samui to be the most elegant and well-preserved place on the Island. You can find Chinese wooden shop cabins and modern buildings in between which have retained a clear feeling of the Mediterranean.


Chumphon offers a variety of beach and island life with activities for everyone. You can visit beautiful waterfalls such as Hin-Charng, Huay Muand or Pha Ngam. There’s also an abundance of experiences in the areas surrounding Chumphon, and if you travel to Pah Toh you can raft on a bamboo float through an area where fruit is being grown – or join the diving boat to Chumphon Coral Resort. The boat travels to Koh Ngam Yai and Koh Ngam Noi where there are beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish. We recommend visiting Khao Pang, a hot spring in Chumphon.
Koh Si Chang
Destination: Pattaya
Koh Si Chang is ideal if you want to experience local culture in an exotic location. You can relax on the beaches or explore abandoned coves by kayak. Or, rent a bike and discover pagodas and temples that wreath around the Island’s landscape.
Koh Khram
Destination: Pattaya
Koh Khram is a secluded paradise. It’s part of a marine protection zone and is controlled by the Thai Royal Marine and is tucked away from mass tourism. There are two beaches on the island, and thanks to the crystal clear waters and fascinating corals, they are a paradise for those who like to snorkel. Bare in mind that there is no infrastructure nor service on the island, so daytrip guests must bring food and water by themselves. Visiting the island is prohibited at certain times of the year due to the protection of sea turtles breeding there.
Koh Yai Yai and Koh Yao Noi
Destination: Phuket
The Koh Yao Islands give you the feeling of a typical Thai island, away from all urban comfort. These islands are ideal for those who want to jump into a hammock and unplug from the world. The landscape is varied, with dense mangroves, golden sandy beaches and views of a limestone shrine. The best way to explore these islands are on a two-wheel drive. When you don’t explore the landscape and nature that surrounds these islands you can dive, snorkel or kayak in the turquoise waters.
Koh Rong Island
Destination: Sihanoukville
South of Sihanoukville lies the beautiful paradise island of Koh Rong where white sand and crystal-clear blue water meet its visitors. The island is still growing in popularity due to its serene beauty and is easy to reach by ferry. Several bungalows offer a place to stay and eat around the island. You can also visit the beautiful, colourful coral reef if you gear up in diving equipment. If this is not for you, you shall not fear! You can also take a stroll in the beautiful landscape around the island, or of course just relax and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful beaches around the island.
Otres Beach
Destination: Sihanoukville
Otres Beach is next to Ochheuteal Beach and is probably the most beautiful and peaceful beach in Sihanoukville, as it’s located on the outskirts of the city centre. Otres Beach is divided into two parts: Otres 1 and Otres 2. Otres 2 is on the distant end of the beach and has a more laidback atmosphere.
Sokha Beach
Destination: Sihanoukville
The stunning Sokha Beach is located between Independence- and Serendipity Beach. The sand is as soft as powder and creaks loudly when you drag your feet through it. Sokha Beach is part of Sokha Beach Resort; however, you are welcome to enjoy the beach regardless. It may be expected that you buy something to drink or eat if you are close to the resort or if you want to use their sunbeds.

Gili Meno

Destination: Bali

This is the most quiet and secluded island of the three Gili Islands. Gili Meno is the perfect place for honeymooners or for those who are looking for relaxation and rest. Large crowds often avoid the Meno Island due to its lack of nightlife, and late-night parties are forbidden. We have taken the liberty to give you three reasons as to why Gili Meno is great!

1) The quietest of all Gili Islands
2) There is no partying – which makes it a great place for true island life
3) Unspoilt and pristine white sandy beaches with clear waters

Nusa Ceningan

Destination: Bali

The Ceningan Island has a number of great attractions one can enjoy, including an underwater garden with sunken temples and statues that you can enjoy on an underwater scooter. On mainland there are traditional fishing boats and seaweed farms, but there are also mangrove forests with turtle beaches around. Here’s three reasons why you should visit Nusa Ceningan!

1) Beautiful seascape with seaweed farms and fishing boats.
2) Easy access to land from Nusa Lembongang via Yellow Bridge.
3) Underwater gardens and sea activities.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Destination: Bali

Blue Lagoon Beach is one of Bali’s best secluded beaches. It’s located northeast of the main beach of Padangbai, and is framed by green and rocky hills on both sides. You’ll also come across ‘warung’ food stalls selling cold drinks and snacks, while others also serve as shops where you can buy snorkel and fins. Just a few meters from the coast you’ll find coral reefs, making it easy to just jump into the sea and snorkel right away.

We give you top three reasons to visit Blue Lagoon Beach!

1) The bay is generally calm all year around
2) The waters around Blue Lagoon is on top of Bali’s must-do list.
3) The island is considered an ecotourism village.

Anawangin Cove og Nagsasa Cove
Destination: Zambales
The beaches of San Antonio, Zambales, are the perfect proof of many clichés we have heard before – the rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel and the reborn Phoenix. Cliché, but true. Who would have thought that the beautiful Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves were the result of a disaster that occurred only a few decades ago? It is said that these islands only had rocky beaches, but after Mt. Pinatubo spread a lot of volcanic ashes, these places became unrecognizable. Years after the eruption, Agoho-trees began to grow, creating an evergreen forest. These two beaches are a magnificent reminder of the pure beauty – and the immense power – which is nature.
Borawan Island
Destination: Quezon Province
It’s in its name. Borawan is a composition of the Philippine’s best beach destinations, Boracay and Palawan. It houses a beautiful white beach like Boracay, while the rock formations are reminiscent of Palawan. The place is more secluded in comparison to those two large beaches, which makes this a relaxation haven! Besides the beach, adventurous travellers can enjoy the place’s partially submerged caves.
Bantayan Island
Destination: Cebu
This tropical island is a little less than a hundred square kilometres but is considered to one of the most beautiful islands in the world due to its crystal-clear waters and a clean shoreline of powdery white sands. The place is a lot more than beach and relaxation. It houses one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

Ha Long Bay

Destination: Hanoi

Appointed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994, Ha long Bay is a vision of beauty. The bay boasts of nearly two thousand steep limestone islands that plunge into the ocean and create a landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. A little fun fact: Ha Long Bay can be translated into “the descending dragon”, and the name represents the myth of how the island was created. The legend says that a dragon came down from heaven and ended up in the water, and those parts of the dragon that was above water were turned into these rocky islands.

Quan Lan Beach

Destination: Hanoi

Do you ever dream of a carefree vacation by clear turquoise waters and refreshing salty sea air, but you’re tired of overcrowded beaches? Quan Lan is shouting your name from afar! It benefits from its remote location and is considered a peaceful and unspoiled wonderland.

An Bang
Destination: Hoi An
An Bang is one of the few parts of Hoi An Beach that is untouched by the rapid development in the area, making it a great place for sunbathing and outdoor activities. It also houses a variety of beach resorts, seafood restaurants and hippie bars with stunning views of the Marble Mountains, Da Nang Bay and Cham Island.
Vung Tau
Destination: Ho Chi Minh
This place has a spectacular location with ocean on three sides. The light, crispy sea air makes it a refreshing break from the crowded and vibrant Saigon. It boasts of wide boulevards and impressive buildings from colonial times, with an urban nightlife that blossoms during the weekends and the culinary kitchen abounds with good, exotic flavours.
Ho Tram
Destination: Ho Chi Minh
Ho Tram boasts 10 kilometres of unspoilt, beautiful beach surrounded by palm trees. The beach offers a wide range of accommodation with great sea views. Thanks to its easily accessible location, Ho Tram Beach attracts locals and tourists who want to enjoy the sun while on holiday in Ho Chi Minh.
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