We love evenings with friends where we share stories from our recent trips and experiences, and get great tips and ideas for our own next family trip! We believe that it is important to bring out authentic and good stories from our own experiences as a travel inspiration agency. We have therefore invited some of our favorite travel bloggers to share their experiences with us.

Linn Krogh Hansen

Linn’s interest for travel and experiencing new cultures and places has been present since she was very young. She wanted a globe for her birthday when she was two. She told her parents “I want this earth, the one that spins on TV.” Her mom was a bit sceptical, but her dad said “go for it and give her what she wants”. She was early fascinated by globes and the earth, either in a window shop or spinning around on the TV. She memorised capitals until she knew all capitals in the world when she was 10 years old and wanted to know more about geography, foreign countries and people. So far, Linn has visited over 100 countries but is ready to visit more!

Lisa Stentvedt

Lisa is 27 year young wandering soul with chronic sarcasm, a serious coffee addiction and a constant longing for the ocean. She started blogging when she moved to Wales as part of an exchange programme when she was 17. After a year in Wales and a year back home in Norway to finish college, she decided to follow her dream by moving to London to study law. She spent three years in England’s fine capital before she ventured off to Florida to work as a Cultural Representative with Walt Disney World. She is now travelling the world as a full-time travel blogger and is working hard to travel where she wants when she wants. Lisa has now visited 35 countries in a constant search for new oceans, cultures and people.

Liz and Knut

Liz and Knut are a power-couple which loves to travel and share their experiences. Now they are travelling around to experience new places as often as they can, because what they truly appreciate is new places, cultures, new food and last but not least: new friends! They want to showcase that you can travel a lot without paying tons for it!

Emilie Helle Andersen

Emilie is 24 and lives in Sarpsborg with her cohabitant and dog. The need to travel has been there since Emilie was young, and she is very close to ticking her 30th country off the list. She works in a fulltime position as a Customer Service Representative, and is fortunate enough to have five weeks of paid holiday a year. She still takes some unpaid vacation days so she can travel as much as possible. She is always excited for a new year because she can then put her previous adventures into a memory book and start planning her new journeys.

Sølvi and Peter

Sølvi and Peter is a couple in their 50s who met each other in adult life. Travelling has always been an important part of their lives even before they met, and has an even more important part now after they met. There were many years with charter vacations to white sandy beaches for them both. They have continued to travel in Europe, both weekends and longer vacations. One day they discovered that it was possible to realize unrealistic dreams from their younger days. They can go on adventures to other parts of the world and distant cliffs. They travel the world and prefer to live in hotels that keep an above average standard, eat in good restaurants and travel comfortably by plane, bus, train or car. However, the experiences are the most important for Sølvi and Peter. They challenge themselves by living in a klotok in the rainforest, tent in Serengeti or walk for three hours to reach the top of a volcano. A big part of their experiences are the people they meet. Their guides and drivers teach them about things you can’t find in guide books nor the internet. They are inspired by TV programs, travel magazines and travel fairs. They always have a holiday to plan!


Desirée is 29 years old, lives in Oslo and loves to explore the world. She lived a year in Australia where she worked as a photographer, as well as two months aboard a sailboat. She has a bachelors degree in Law but is currently working with marketing. At the moment, travelling and experiences together with her cohabitant Thomas is the main focus. Desirée combines her three passions – travel, photography and writing her travel blog, which she writes in both Norwegian and English. To explore new cultures, meeting new people, drinking litres of coffee and trying local foods is something that inspires her. Desirée lives by the motto “almost everything must be tried at least once”.


Thomas is 37 years old and loves photography. He likes to believe he is a backpacker, but is more often choosing comfort on his travels. He started blogging pretty late, but has a massive backlog of photo’s and travel memoirs that is just waiting to be published. He’s been interested in photography since he was young, and later on he became interested in good food and drink. Travelling was the natural link between his to interests. His cohabitant Desirée is luckily as crazy for travel and they’ve been to many exciting travels the past year and they’re both looking forward to new adventures in the years coming!

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